Get to know Shopping Centre Vasco da Gama’s essential services

Our Centre has reopened. Get to know the essential services we offer which will make your life easier when you come to visit.

Our shops have reopened and are ready to receive you in safety and comfort. And, to make your visit to our Centre even easier and more convenient, we have a series of essential services at your disposal.


From shopping collection solutions to spaces where you can care for your baby comfortably, we leave you with the following list of our services:


  • Information Desk: where you can clarify any doubts or queries you may have such as the location of specific shops, as well as rent baby strollers or wheelchairs.


  • Drive-in: located on floor -1 of our Centre, this is a service which allows you to collect your shopping simply and safely.


  • Traffic Lights: You can find these on our homepage, and they allow you to know, in real time, the occupancy rate of our car park as well as how busy our Centre is.


  • Le Talon Minute: here you will find shoe and handbag repair services, a key cutting service and much more. Find us on the ground floor at Gare do Oriente.


  • 5 à sec: our Centre’s laundry service, on the ground floor, where you can leave your clothes while visiting our other shops.


You can look up all the other essential services our Centre has to offer here.